System components


The system is comprised of three primary components: The controller, regulator (thermostat) and head. One "thermostat" is installed in every space to cover the building with a wireless signal; this is then used to connect additional "thermostats" to create an active network. A wireless head that communicates with the thermostat and is controlled by the program is mounted on every radiator with a thermostatic valve. The system is controlled by the controller, which communicates with the thermostats and, through them, the heads.

IQ-24GW central control unit

This unit ensures the wireless distribution of heating mode settings and other parameters to the individual rooms. This controls the thermostatic heads, regulators, temperature sensors and other wireless components of the IQRC system. Thanks to bidirectional communications the controller collects information on the current status and functionality of the entire system. These are also available to the administrator as historical data.

The system is able to operate 660 wireless IQRC devices. No PC is needed to operate the system.


Dimensions  138 x 110 x 35 mm 
Power  230 V, Power adapter 6V
Frequency  2,4 GHz
Radio module rating   100 mW
Interface   USB, ETHERNET
Max. power  1,5 W

IQRC software

IQRC software with the central control unit is used to control the wireless heating control system. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Win7. The user interface and help are available in multiple languages.

The IQRC program enables the configuration of individual weekly programs for every individual room with the ability to configure 6 time segments and the same number of temperatures for every day separately. The software ensures that the proper temperature is set at the correct time and for the correct space in the controlled building.


IQ-24RC regulator

The regulator is wirelessly controlled from the central control unit. When properly installed the regulator ensures an unbiased measurement of the temperature in the room or space. The measurements are used to control the IQ24TH thermostatic valve heads and to control the temperature in the space based on the set point. The regulator is equipped with an LCD display that provides information on the current program, the set point and actual temperature in the space. The regulator has control elements that enable the central set point for the space to be changed based on current needs if the system administrator enables this function.

In addition to its control function, the regulator is also used to transmit data between individual IQRC components.

Dimensions 98 x 78 x 22 mm 
Display LCD (40 x 40 mm)
Amber colour
PWRC (230 V) / Battery (3,6 V) / Adapter (6 V)
Frequency  2,4 GHz
Max.power 1W

IQ-24TH thermostatic valve head

The primary role of battery-powered heads is to control the temperature in the rooms using proportional opening and closing of the thermostatic valve on the hot water radiators. The thermostatic heads are programmed and wirelessly controlled by the central control unit via the wireless IQ24 RC regulators.

The head has an M30x1.5mm thread that is used by most thermostatic valve manufacturers and the head can be installed on other thread dimensions on thermostatic valves using adapters.

The technical solution of the head itself is patented.

Dimensions  47 x 75 x 65 mm
Connecting thread   M30 x 1,5 mm
Type of control  ON-OFF / PID
Sensor sensitivity   0,1 °C
Temperature control range  7 - 30 °C
Battery  2 x 3,6 V AA
Battery lifespan  2-4 years
Frequency  2,4 GHz
Temperature sensor calibration   Yes

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor measures the temperature in the space at a reference location in the space. These sensors are best placed in zones where manual control is not needed and in combination with a regulator.

Dimensions  70 x 70 x 25 mm
Power  Battery 3,6 V
Battery lifespan
 5 years
Range of temperature measurements  - 40 až + 85 °C
Radio module rating  1 mW
Precision of temperature measurements  +/- 0,1 °C ( after calibration)

Signal repeater

This device extends the range of the wireless signal and facilitates the wireless transmission of data between the controller and other elements of the IQRC system. The router facilitates the integration of a large number of IQRC elements into a single system. This allows the IQRC system to be deployed in larger buildings.

Dimensions  98 x 78 x 22 mm
Power  230 V
Radio module rating   100 mW
Frequency  2,4 Ghz
Max.power 1 W