Učebňa s IQRC zariadenim


Heating based on the class schedule

  • Heating only those classrooms that are being used for teaching, all other rooms are tempered
  • The system precisely calculates when to start heating - it does not start heating at eight, it starts heating the space "for eight"
  • School management has precise information available on the current temperatures in individual rooms
  • Centralized heating control using a PC and IQRC software. Remote access is also provided via the Internet
  • Temperatures can be set for individual rooms based on the school schedule and hygienic standards
  • Teachers have the ability to temporarily change the centralized temperature set point using the regulator

Example: Classes are held in Classroom 1.A from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, in Classroom 2.B until 3:30 PM and students are in the canteen from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM and in the after school program area after 3:00 PM. The IQRC system only heats these rooms during these times and each space is treated individually. The same applies for classrooms, meeting rooms, teacher's rooms and physical education areas. The school schedule thereby becomes the system's program. Ordinary systems begin heating at 8:00 AM but "IQRC optimal start" makes sure the classroom is heated by 8:00 AM.

Data on the measured temperature and set point for individual rooms are stored in the central control unit. The building administrator can obtain valuable information on heating efficiency by processing this collected data.