Hotels, bed and breakfasts and dormitories

Hotelová izba s IQRC zariadenim


Heating based on room reservations

  • Heating rooms based on occupancy
  • Monitoring current temperatures in the entire building
  • Centralized heating control using a PC and IQRC software. Remote access is also provided via the Internet
  • Temperature set points are configured individually for individual rooms based on their specific uses and hygienic standards
  • The administrator may allow guests to temporarily change the centralized temperature set point within a pre-set range using the regulator. Reception can perform the same using the IQRC software.

Example: A hotel with 50 rooms currently has 25 occupied rooms with reservations for a further 8 rooms and a celebration is scheduled in the hall at 7:00 PM. With a few simple clicks reception is able to set the temperatures in every space based on the given situation, for instance all the unoccupied rooms may be tempered at 18°C. Guests themselves also may adjust the temperature within a pre-set range, for instance +/- 2 degrees or call at the reception. If a complaint is made regarding room temperature, reception is easily able to determine the temperature in the room and then resolve the problem.

Data on the measured temperature and set point for individual rooms are stored in the central control unit. The building administrator can obtain valuable information on heating efficiency by processing this collected data.